About Us

Saving Lives, Families, Communities

We are a nonprofit corporation producing research, development and distribution of innovations in computational neuroscience and deep machine learning. 

We actively support psychiatrists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals in a range of medical fields to PREDICT wellness outcomes.

Current project:
A computational intelligence tool for mental and behavioral healthcare patients, described on the following page.
 - specifically, for those seeking recovery from DRUG ADDICTION, ALCOHOLISM and/or OTHER COMPULSIONS that can ruin lives, families and communities.

  1. Along with their doctors and any support persons, patients voluntarily complete short, weekly surveys online using their desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  2. Weekly survey responses are scientifically scored to output measures of the patient's recovery status.  
    • Specific survey responses themselves are confidential and legally protected.  
    • Only scores are reported, with the patient's consent, to his or her designated individuals.

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