Our Goals and Tools

What we do and how we do it.

Our tools target national, state and community goals to:
  1. Fight opioid, methamphetamine and alcohol addictions.
  2. Help relieve domestic abuse and prevent violent behaviors fueled by drugs, alcohol, rage or simply anger management issues.
  3. Empower licensed medical providers, the patient's support network and the community to follow the patient's progress more closely
    • On a weekly, quick survey, not just 15-minutes-a-month meeting.  
    • Each page of our surveys allows the patient to express, in his or her own works, how things are going that week.
  4. Based on predictive scoring, we empower the patient's support network to proactively address potential relapses and episodes of acting out.

Our research scientists apply state-of-the-art analytical and data network tools to create innovative inroads for patient health status monitoring and management. 

Our primary service populations include military veterans and individuals within disadvantaged communities.
Our Goals and Tools Our Goals and Tools